How much would it cost to build Jurassic Park?

How much would it cost to build Jurassic Park?

With the Jurassic Park franchise finally being carried forwards with the latest instalment: Jurassic World, it’s got some people wondering if it would be possible to build a real life theme park containing real life dinosaurs…and if so, how much exactly would a venture like that actually cost?

Well wonder no more, because movie website Fandango has uploaded a video discussing this very idea. They did a great job researching and fact finding, and even if it is just a pipe dream, it’s still nice to think that despite the (enormous) cost, it could be done. In theory!

You can see their fantastic video at the end of this blog post.

So without further ado lets take a quick look at the breakdown of the costs below. And I warn you now…it ain’t cheap!

Real Estate

As stated in the movies, billionaire John Hammond’s company InGen owns two islands off the coast of Costa Rica: Isla Nublar as seen in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, and Isla Sorna as seen in The Lost Word and Jurassic Park 3. According to Costa Rican real estate websites, two appropriately sized islands would cost a pretty penny.

Cost: $10,000,000,000


A real life Jurassic Park would require a very specialised team of staff, including genetic scientists, animal caretakers, palaeontologists, computer engineers and lawyers. None of which would work for free!

Cost: $7,900,000


Obviously this would be a huge part of getting the attractions up and running (so to speak). An approximate cost has been worked out based on the cloning company BioArts, who for a tidy sum of $150,000 will clone your dog. Multiply by 50 – the number of dinosaur species in the park, plus the inevitable extra costs incurred because of the difficulty cloning such animals, and it comes to a hefty sum.

Cost: $8,500,000

Amber Mining

The dinosaurs were originally cloned from mosquitoes containing the blood of dinosaurs that had become encased in amber over millions of years. A real life Jurassic Park would require several such mines digging to discover fresh and new DNA samples.

Cost: $9,000,000

Construction and Physical Assets

From the visitors centre to hotels to dinosaur paddocks to transportation, the park construction itself would be a gigantic undertaking. A final figure has been worked out by taking into account the average construction price for some of the worlds biggest theme parks.

Cost: $1,500,000,000

Park Operations

Keeping a real life Jurassic park open would not be cheap. The theme park division of the Walt Disney company spends a total of $32,000,000 per day to keep their parks operating smoothly. A rough approximation of annual operations costs are based on this.

Cost: $11,700,000,000

Dinosaur Livelihood

In order to have the biological attractions in tip-top order, the have to be well cared for. They need to be fed, groomed and nurtured. The huge and world famous San Diego zoo spends around $550,000 per day on these things, therefore a rough approximation of animal upkeep costs are based on this.

Cost: $207,000,000



(Oh and lets not forget the small matter of annual repeating costs,
totalling a whopping $11,907,000,000)

Worth it?


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