The Bayonets are back…with some BIG news!

For a long while the winds of the music industry have been whispering rumors about some big news from the fantastic indie rock band The Bayonets, but finally the trio are breaking radio silence to make a big announcement…and you won’t want to miss out!

So here it is: The Bayonets’ debut album Crash Boom Bang! will be released on vinly! That’s right, the Crash Boom Bang! vinyl will be released by Lonestar Records in Germany. The beautiful gatefold packaging will feature the albums lyrics and of course contain the album itself printed on a custom coloured heavy vinyl.

An exact release date has yet to be confirmed, however it is most likely going to be hitting shelves in October.

The Bayonets released their debut album Crash Boom Bang! last year, featuring many of their hit singles including Sucker For LoveSmartphone and Vagabond Soul with backing vocals from non other than Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

Crash Boom Bang! album coverYou can read my full and comprehensive review of the album and it’s accompanying singles here.

Be sure to follow The Bayonets on their official Twitter account, and like them on their official Facebook page. Also make sure you head over to the band’s official website to keep up to date with all the latest news as well as getting your hands on some fantastic merchandise.

Stay tuned for more updates…!

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3 thoughts on “The Bayonets are back…with some BIG news!

  1. Ronna Brewster says:

    Congratulations! I love vinyl and it’s great you are keeping tradition alive. Thank you!

  2. Tim Jackson says:

    This is a classic album so it is great to see it become available in a classic format!!

  3. John Gallio says:

    fantastic news, I can’t wait for the release…I collect vinyl, as the sound is so fantastic! this ought to be awesome! kudos to The Bayonets! Whooray!

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