The Bayonets: a rocking retrospective

The Bayonets: a rocking retrospective

With the vinyl release of The Bayonets’ smash hit debut album rash Boom Bang! imminent, let’s step back take a look back at the band and their meteoric rise to become one of the most successful and popular indie rock bands in recent years.

Throughout the second half of 2012 Brian had hinted at the possibility of a new musical project being on the horizon, however it was at the start of 2013 that he finally announced his upcoming 5-singles-then-out burst of creative awesomeness. Teaming up with Argentinian rock minx Lucrecia Lopez Sanz (of 60’s tribute band Nube 9), Brian and erstwhile songwriting partner Oliver Leiber began their onslaught of criminally infectious singles.

The Bayonets’ first single was the bouncy and 100% radio friendly Sucker For Love which was released, rather appropriately, on Valentines Day 2013. This was the spark that lit The Bayonets’ fire, and they soon released follow-up singles SmartphoneWhatcha GotVagabond Soul (which even featured Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler), and finally Big Man Down.

The singles received universal acclaim, and the reaction to the music was positive across the board. Additionally the promotional onslaught of music videos, mini-tours, TV appearances and interviews cemented the band’s success.

Up next? The Album! No sooner had the final single been released, Brian, Oliver and Lucrecia were back hard at work putting together what would become the bands debut album: Crash Boom Bang! The album contained the five singles PLUS five all new songs: Crash Boom Bang!, So Easy Rider, Voodoo Doll, Cotton Candy and Last Man Standing. Together they formed one of the most solid and consistent albums of the year.

You can read my full and comprehensive review of Crash Boom Bang! and it’s accompanying singles here.

And here we are today: Rolling towards fall (or autumn!) and on the very brink of the release Crash Boom Bang! on vinyl! Released by Lonestar Records in Germany, the beautiful gatefold packaging will feature the albums lyrics and of course contain the album itself printed on a custom coloured heavy vinyl.

Excited? Me too! So be sure to check back for my thoughts on the vinyl when it eventually hits the shelves!

You can follow The Bayonets on their official Twitter account, and like them on their official Facebook page. Also make sure you head over to the band’s official website to keep up to date with all the latest news as well as getting your hands on some fantastic merchandise.

Stay tuned for more updates…!

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