Book review: “Star Wars – The Weapon of a Jedi” – Jason Fry

Book review: Part of the all new Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens book series, Jason Fry’s The Weapon of a Jedi finds Luke Skywalker embarking upon a solo mission to learn the ways of the Force and begin to master the traditional weapon of a Jedi: The lightsaber.

Opening with C-3PO relaying a story to X-wing pilot Jessika Pava, we soon flash back to the time between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. C-3PO recalls how, while on a rebel mission, Luke Skywalker (accompanied by his good golden self and little astromech R2 D2) ends up on the planet Devaron. Here Luke is guided to the mysterious ruins of a Jedi temple by the greedy and devious local known as Sarco Plank.

While not as fast paced and action packed as Han Solo’s story Smuggler’s Run (review here), the book is still well written and keeps you hooked in. You can feel Luke’s frustration as he struggles to connect properly with the Force and his elation at his achievements when he does. As Luke is essentially alone for most of the book (with the occasional interjection from the droids), a lot of the story is told through his eyes, thoughts and feelings. While this may make for less exciting reading, it is still a rare insight into one of the Star Wars saga’s main characters during this formative time.

Overall The Weapon of a Jedi is an interesting read, and one that fans of the saga would enjoy. While it may not stand too well on its own without prior knowledge of the happenings in the movies, the book still serves as a solid and interesting part of Luke Skywalker’s backstory.

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