Bayonets vinyl sells out in no time!

all of lightIndie rock band The Bayonets finally released a vinyl edition of their whirlwind debut album Crash Boom Bang!, and it spectacularly surpassed all expectations by selling out in only 20 hours!

The band, consisting of Brian Ray and Lucrecia Lopez Sanz on guitars and vocals and Oliver Leiber on drum duty, anticipated the high demand for the vinyl, however it took less than a day for their official website to completely sell out as fans from across the globe clambered to secure their own copy.

Not only was Crash Boom Bang! available to buy on its own, but it also came in a selection of special bundles containing various items of exclusive top quality merchandise including t-shirts, stickers, and signed photos.

The vinyl has been released by Lonestar Records in Germany. The beautiful gatefold packaging hosts the album’s lyrics and of course contain the album itself (featuring hit singles Sucker For LoveSmartphone and Vagabond Soul with backing vocals from non other than Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler) printed on a custom coloured heavy vinyl.

You can read my full and comprehensive review of the album and its accompanying singles here.

Luckily the vinyl is still available via the record label’s website, and word on the street is The Bayonets’ website should be fully restocked soon.


To celebrate the release of the Crash Boom Bang! vinly, I have several copies of the CD to give away. I’ll get back to you all when I’ve set it up!

Also be sure to stay tuned for a review of a brand new holiday single from the band: Christmas Time Is Cruel. The review will be up ASAP, and the single itself should be debuting soon…so keep your ears out!

Bayo vinyl

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    Wow great website Mr gill

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