Single review: Rusty Anderson Afternoon – Evidence

raaAfter a stretch of radio-silence from Rusty Anderson Afternoon, they are back with their brand new single: the rockingly catchy, guitar driven Evidence

Opening with a spiky, jumpy guitar riff (allegedly inspired by a bird’s song), Evidence is hard edged alt-rock song ploughed along by a solid drum beat and perfectly distorted guitars. There is also a brilliant glitchy effect on the guitar, giving it a ‘loose cable’ kind of cut in/cut out sound. Nice touch!

The vocals are strong: playful verses open up into a grand chorus containing a memorable melody and subtle yet effective harmonies.

The single isn’t too ‘mainstream rock’ to appeal to the alternative market, yet it isn’t too ‘alternative’ to appeal to the casual pop/rock listener market. The band have hit upon a neat balance which affords them the luxury of a wider audience.

Evidence comes from Rusty Anderson Afternoon’s brand new album RAA (full review to follow soon!). You can get your hands on the single and album on iTunes now. Also for all the latest info on the band be sure to check out Rusty Anderson’s official website.

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