Brian Ray brewing brand new single

tempAfter a stretch of much deserved free time, Bayonets front man Brian Ray is back to work and currently working on an all new single, touchingly dedicated to some very special young members of his family.

When asked Brian what solo projects he was working on, Brian playfully teased, saying: “I am finishing a solo single written and recorded in a flash for my young nephews, James and John.”

Currently on the road with Wings legend Paul McCartney on his One to One tour, Brian is remaining tight-lipped as to a title or release date, however music fans the world over can wait with baited breath for this sure-fire fantastic single to finally drop. So stay tuned to Brian Ray’s official website for all the latest news!

Can’t wait for some fantastic gut-busting rock ‘n’ roll guitar music? Not a problem! Head over to The Bayonet’s official website to get your hands (and ears) on their whirlwind debut album Crash Boom Bang! You won’t regret it! Read my full album review here.


Brian  is currently thrilled that his sleek and personally designed signature guitar, the Gibson BR63SG is being used on stages around the world by bands including AC/DC and Cheap Trick. Talking about the honour, Brian described himself as ‘psyched’ that both Angus Young and Rick Nielsen were using his signature instrument on the road.

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One thought on “Brian Ray brewing brand new single

  1. Jackie carlin says:

    Can’t wait to heard the new song. I seen you in philly with Paul McCartney. The show was amazing !!!!! But I would love to see you with your band. I love your music. I look all over at the stands to see if they had anything of yours . They said no . So I tried to website . Had trouble there too . But I’ll keep working on it . Love you Brian and your band. The best of luck .

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