Single review: Brian Ray – Cinnamon Girl / Mr Soul

61ukpoonlul-_ss500Bayonets co-founder and all round rock and roll connoisseur Brian Ray is back with a hot off the press single Here For You. Oddly enough the song that debuts is it’s B-side: a smouldering cover of Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl.

Faithful to the original record, Brian’s version contains a few neat little twists and modern turns along the way, giving the track both an old school retro and a modern indie vibe.

The lead vocal is on point; smouldering, clear, bright and boasting a tight harmony. Matt Laug’s thudding drums snap through the crunching wall of petulantly thrashed guitar and punctuate what is undeniably a plain and simple all-out rock and roll song.

While the original fizzles out to Young screwing around on guitar and just jamming, Brian ups the ante, treating us to a revved up, whirling dervish snippet of Buffalo Springfield’s Mr Soul.

Speaking about Cinnamon Girl in a recent interview, Brian enthused, “it has always been one of my favorite songs, with a great melody and a chunky guitar lick that is very strong, evocative and always makes me smile […] The song seemed to have everything; it was gritty and tough but it had grace and beauty in the melody and the lyric along with an almost haunting relentless energy to it.

Brian also revealed that he and Neil Young go way back, and he has a personal connection to the track, “Later on I learned that the song was written by Neil Young for my sister, Jean Ray, because, unbeknownst to me at the time, they were seeing each other, even though each of them were involved with other people.”

You can ready my review to Cinnamon Girl / Mr Soul‘s A-side, Here For You, here.

Here For You / Cinnamon Girl is available to pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, and any other purveyor of fine-ass digital music. Also be sure to visit Brian Ray’s official website for the latest scoop on whats going on in the world of the reluctant rock god!

BUT WAIT…there’s more! Excitedly rattling down the pipeline is some fantastic news from Brian’s indie/Cali rock band The Bayonets. While I’ll not divulge the specifics right now, please check back soon to find out more…!



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  1. […] You can read my review for Here For You‘s B-side, a smoking cover of Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl, here. […]

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