Single review: Brian Ray – Here For You

61ukpoonlul-_ss500Brian Ray’s first solo single in a long while is the rapturously uplifing yet surprisingly simple Here For You: a driven electric guitar rocker that barrels excitedly along with a fantastic vocal until it is crowned with a blustering, confident bridge.

A guitar/bass/drum-centric track, its effectiveness lied in its simplicity: The chords are simple, the hook is simple, the progression is simple…I could go on. Even the 8-bar bridge is simple, BUT the key change combined with the intensity of Brian’s vocal really kicks the song into overdrive.

And lets not forget about the lyrics: they are hopeful, uplifting and inspirational, explaining that the future is there to be taken and moulded to be however one would want it to be. A great, applicable message for anyone and everyone out there!

Touchingly, Here For You was written by Brian for his young nephews James and John, one of which stands proudly on the single’s brightly eye-catching artwork, toy guitar in hand and ready to rock.

You can read my review for Here For You‘s B-side, a smoking cover of Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl, here.

Here For You / Cinnamon Girl is available to pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, and any other purveyor of fine-ass digital music. Also be sure to visit Brian Ray’s official website for the latest scoop on whats going on in the world of the reluctant rock god!

BUT WAIT…there’s more! Excitedly rattling down the pipeline is some fantastic news from Brian’s indie/Cali rock band The Bayonets. While I’ll not divulge the specifics right now, please check back soon to find out more…!


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