Single review: The Bayonets – Like She Does

The Bayonets CoverTo mark the re-release of their smash hit debut album ‘Crash Boom Bang!’ The Bayonets are back with two hot-off-the-press new singles. First up is the swaggeringly confident Like She Does.

Opening with a smoking distorted rendition of the song’s melody, it serves to double up with Brian’s confident vocals in the verses. This vocal/guitar combo in turn serves to set up the almost call and response with the booming drums and slicing Vox Continental organ.

This soon opens up into the conventional (in a good way) tried and tested rocking choruses, raising the ‘she’ of the title up onto a pedestal to be rightly worshipped. It seems very fitting that Lucrecia’s lovely smooth feminine backing vocals add a nice, subtle extra little something into the mix!

Also as an interesting side note, the fact that the choruses are in fact crashingly straightforward is a great opposing texture to the strutting, smartly lolloping verses.

The blistering, joyous guitar solo, thunderous drums and cutting organ whips Like She Does into a frenzy, and takes you to the edge of that musical cliff which almost begs the audience to join in with the proceeding repeated “she does” lines. There’s a lot of sing-along factor to this one! 

As well as the main Bayonets trio, the track boasts Davey Faragher on bass, Matt Laug on percussion and none other than Tom Petty and The Heartbrakers’ very own Benmont Trench on the classic Vox Continental organ.

Like She Does will be included on the ‘Crash Boom Bang!’ re-release, which will be hitting stores on May 17th.

The Bayonets was co-founded by Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber, and features Lucrecia Lopez Sanz. There is also a whole array of fine, talented musicians that contributed towards ‘Crash Boom Bang!’, including (but in no way limited to) Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

You can follow The Bayonets on their official Twitter account, and like them on their official Facebook page. Also make sure you head over to the band’s official website to keep up to date with all the latest news as well as getting your hands on some fantastic merchandise.



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2 thoughts on “Single review: The Bayonets – Like She Does

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