Scene-by-scene quiz: A Bug’s Life

abl.jpgDo you love movies? Do yo love quizes? Well you’re in the right place! Get ready for a scene-by-scene quiz on Disney Pixar’s A Bug’s Life! It’s super simple to play along: all you need is a pen or pencil, some paper and the movie A Bug’s Life!

Life is no picnic for the ants on Ant Island! Each summer, a gang of greedy grasshoppers – led by the menacing and manipulative Hopper – descends upon the colony to demand a hefty portion of the ants’ hard-earned harvest and generally make life miserable for this peaceful community. Our hero Flik, an original thinker out of step with the rest of the more traditionally minded colony, takes it upon himself to get outside help and mistakenly enlists an unemployed troupe of bug performers from a second-rate flea circus to join the fight against the grasshoppers. Working together in their new-found friendship, the ants and the circus bugs prepare for a climactic confrontation with the grasshoppers. When Flik’s plan starts to unravel, the action and comedy turn fast and furious as he attempts to save the colony and his reputation.

Are you ready to for the A Bug’s Life scene-by-scene move quiz? You are? Great! The 43 questions are all in chronological order as you watch the movie, so be sure to stay alert and ready to answer. So without further ado, press ‘play’ and lets get started! Oh, and there are only two rules: NO peeking at the answers at the bottom of the page, and NO rewinding! GOOD LUCK!


  1. How many dandelions are there at the base of the tree?
  2. What does Mr Soil tell the panicking ants caused more disruption than the leaf?
  3. How big of a gap did the leaf cause?
  4. What type of bug is the Queen’s ‘dog’?
  5. Who does Flik take a drop of dew from to use in his telescope?
  6. What do the ants use as warning horns?
  7. How does Hopper know that Atta isn’t the queen?
  8. Who did Hopper promise he wouldn’t kill his brother, Molt?
  9. What does Atta initially sentence Flik to do after his trial?
  10. Which three predators do the ants fear beyond their island?
  11. Which plants’ seed does Flik use to cross the canyon?
  12. What is Rosie the spider using as a whip?
  13. WHat does Slim call P.T. Flea before walking out on stage?
  14. From the uncharted regions of which continent does Manny say his magic act is from?
  15. What type of bugs are Tuck and Roll?
  16. What does the fly shout after the FLAMING DEATH act goes wrong?
  17. What does the ‘bus-bug’ tell the passengers to watch as they board?
  18. What blood type does the mosquito want to drink?
  19. What does Rosie warn the young ants as they play underneath Dim?
  20. Who is the ant colony’s resident thespian?
  21. How many grasshoppers are in the school play?
  22. Who is used as ‘live bait’ for the bird?
  23. What honorary title does the Blueberry troupe give to Francis?
  24. What military rank does Manny claim to hold?
  25. How many leaves does Heimlich use to fly down from the tree?
  26. What do the grasshoppers live under?
  27. Who does Molt blame for giving him the idea about not going back to Ant Island?
  28. How many ants does Hopper say there are for each grasshopper?
  29. How many times does P.T. Flea say he can be burnt per night?
  30. What does Hopper angrily call the ants when he arrives back at Ant Island?
  31. How many ants hide in the Blueberry Club House?
  32. What is Flik sitting on while the circus bugs try to convince him to return to Ant Island?
  33. What does Manny use to select the perfect volunteer?
  34. How many ants does it take to control each bird wing?
  35. What type of berry does Heimlich use as fake blood?
  36. Who knocks Hopper off of his feet when the ants charge?
  37. Who scares Thumper away with his roar?
  38. Which antenna does Hopper have ripped off?
  39. What information is located on the circus trailer’s ramp when it is raised?
  40. How do Tuck and Roll say goodbye to Flik and the ant colony?
  41. Who helps Heimlich ‘fly’?
  42. In the mid-credits ‘outtakes’, after how many takes does Hopper complain?
  43. Who does Thumper tell “I got it!” just before another take?


  1. 3
  2. The twig of ’93
  3. A few inches
  4. an aphid
  5. Doctor Flora
  6. Snail shells
  7. She doesn’t smell like the Queen
  8. Their mother
  9. One month digging in the tunnels
  10. Snakes, birds and bigger bugs
  11. Dandelion
  12. A shoelace
  13. A parasite
  14. Asia
  15. Pillbugs
  16. “Wow! Burn him again!”
  17. Their stingers
  18. O-positive
  19. He’s ticklish
  20. Mr Soil
  21. 8
  22. Heimlich
  23. Denmother
  24. Major
  25. 4
  26. A sombrero
  27. Axel and Loco
  28. 100
  29. Twice
  30. Little termites
  31. 11
  32. A pencil
  33. Psychic vibrations
  34. 4
  35. Boysenberry
  36. Tuck and Roll
  37. Dim
  38. His left one
  39. Nutrition facts
  40. “You’re fired!”
  41. Francis and Manny
  42. 15
  43. JL (short for director John Lasseter)

So how did you do? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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