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Short story: ‘A Magnificent Meeting’

DOWI never in a million years thought I’d experience something like that, but there I was, drifting lazily in the sapphire blue sway, face to face with one of the most majestic animals in the world. Continue reading

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100 word challenge – “Golden Stars”

The night was quiet, the warm evening air still. Until suddenly it happened: the banging, the cracking, the fizzing, hissing, swirling, whirls, and the excited cheers… Continue reading

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Aunt Alberta (extended description)

Aunt Alberta (extended description)There she stood: Aunt Alberta. Looming ominously in in the doorway, a rotund shadow with a straw-like crop of greying hair, quivering and wafting atop her bulbous, perspiring forehead. To say she was overly fat would be a lie. To say she was beautiful would be an even bigger lie. Continue reading

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