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100 word challenge – ‘Drums of War’

100 word challenge - 'Drums of War'The drums. Those terrible, ponderous, pounding drums.

Thud. Thud. Together the vicious Black Army began to march forwards. Lightening cracked the night sky and the rain began to lash the stained armour enveloping the bloodthirsty, roaring soldiers. Continue reading

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100 word challenge – “Golden Stars”

The night was quiet, the warm evening air still. Until suddenly it happened: the banging, the cracking, the fizzing, hissing, swirling, whirls, and the excited cheers… Continue reading

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Short story: ‘The Ball of Light’

After a while Natalie could see something glowing. At first she couldn’t make out what it was, but as she moved more coal out of the way she realised it was a small, powerful ball of light. No bigger than a tennis ball, it glowed a brilliant light with served only to make it’s darkened surroundings seem an even more ominous hue of inky black. Continue reading

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Short story: ‘The Pond’

Short story - 'The Pond'Elizabeth Fox wasn’t what you would call a ‘planner’. At only 20, she was spontaneous, bright and breezy, free and easy, meandering through life, just enjoying whatever came her way. While other girls her age were concerned about going to university or getting a career started and settling down, Elizabeth was happy with her life just as it was. Continue reading

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Short story – “The Watcher”

Short story - "The Watcher"The cold rain stung like a million tiny needles against Sally and Ned’s raw, exposed skin. In the dark distance sat the dilapidated, wooden house, quivering in the merciless and unforgiving wind. Heads down, they pressed onwards. That was when the curtain started to move. Slowly, fluidly, deliberately. Continue reading

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Short story – ‘The Statue’

Short story - 'The Statue'To say The Statue had seen many things is a bit of an understatement. She had lived many lives and witnessed both the highs and lows of life. The good times and the bad.

Standing silently atop her mossy, time-worn pedestal, The Statue looked through the thickening brush that for years upon years had increasingly turned her once proud home into a leafy tomb. Once again she found nothing to rest her weathered yet beautifully pale eyes on.

For years she had stood like this. Alone. Continue reading

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Short story – Rupert the Incognito Owl

Short Story - Rupert the Incognito OwlHave you ever found yourself getting overly suspicious whenever you see an owl? It’s those big eyes and twisty heads. Terrifying, I’m sure you’ll agree. But let’s pause for a moment and look at if from an owls point of view. Or more specifically Rupert the owl’s point of view.

Continue reading

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Short Story – Mr Man and his Crocodiles

Short Story - Mr Man and his CrocodilesThere once was a man. And Mr Man was his name, if I remember correctly. He used to spend oh so many hours just cavorting around, care free, running here and there, to and fro, pandering to every whim his little old head could muster. But one day…dot dot dot…something happened. Continue reading

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Short Story – The Small Magical Neon Bull and the Girl with Hooves

There was once a glass bottle that contained a small magical neon bull. It sat in the shop window for years but no one wanted to buy it. Continue reading

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