Movie reviews – Marvel: Phase One

SMovie reviews - Marvel: Phase Onetarting out with the incredibly successful Iron Man in 2008 and culminating with the whirlwind The Avengers in 2012, Phase One of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe managed to hook both movie going audiences and fans of the comic series on which the movies are based. Continue reading

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The Bayonets are back…with some BIG news!

For a long while the winds of the music industry have been whispering rumors about some big news from the fantastic indie rock band The Bayonets, but finally the trio are breaking radio silence to make a big announcement…and you won’t want to miss out! Continue reading

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Short story – “The Watcher”

Short story - "The Watcher"The cold rain stung like a million tiny needles against Sally and Ned’s raw, exposed skin. In the dark distance sat the dilapidated, wooden house, quivering in the merciless and unforgiving wind. Heads down, they pressed onwards. That was when the curtain started to move. Slowly, fluidly, deliberately. Continue reading

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Album review: Sur Rod – Surrodsound

Album review: Sur Rod - SurrodsoundThe debut 14-track album from the Nashville alternative rock duo known as Sur Rod is a bold, brassy and confident first musical outing, offering a tasty host of well penned, thoughtfully structured and neatly recorded songs. Continue reading

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Why I could leave or take Mark Hamill’s role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Why I could leave or take Mark Hamill's role in Star Wars: The Force AwakensWith Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens due out in December, I’ve recently been having a few controversial and divisive thoughts: I don’t really care if Luke Skywalker is in the new movie trilogy or not!


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How much would it cost to build Jurassic Park?

How much would it cost to build Jurassic Park?

With the Jurassic Park franchise finally being carried forwards with the latest instalment: Jurassic World, it’s got some people wondering if it would be possible to build a real life theme park containing real life dinosaurs…and if so, how much exactly would a venture like that actually cost? Continue reading

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Live review: Paul McCartney – Out There tour – Echo Arena, Liverpool (28th May 2015)

A homecoming gig is always bound to be a special one, so when Paul McCartney brought his Out There tour to Liverpool’s Echo Arena for his first full concert in the city in 3-and-a-half years, a special night was guaranteed for all. Continue reading

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Live review: Paul McCartney – Out There Tour – Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham (27th May 2015)

The penultimate show of Paul McCartney’s UK leg of his sprawling Out There tour was a whirlwind night at Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena. Playing to a packed stadium, Macca amazed the crowd with a close to 3 hour set of hits from all corners of his long and illustrious career. Continue reading

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Closing the children’s centres: Barnsley Council’s latest stupid idea. (Rant 2.0!

Closing the children's centres: Barnsley Council's latest stupid idea. (Rant 2.0!)

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this article are my own!!

With the petition to save Worsbrough Common’s Rising Stars Children’s Centre rumbling along nicely and gaining more and more momentum, I just thought now would be a great time to pop my head above the parapet and make a few more points regarding Barnsley Council’s bafflingly stupid decision to close most children’s centres. Continue reading

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Close the children’s centres? Genius idea, Barnsley Council! Not.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this article are my own!!

Education is of utmost importance in any young life, so therefore that initial contact with the education system via children’s centres is of even greater importance. It is one of the very first baby steps on a journey that will see them learn, develop and grow into a well rounded member of society. So…why are Barnsley Council closing a majority of these invaluable children’s centres down?! Continue reading

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