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Chords: The Bayonets feat Steven Tyler – Vagabond Soul

Quite a straightforward rocked up soul ballad, The Bayonet’s Vagabond Soul boasts a backing/harmony vocal from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. Musically it features some sweet chord changes as well as a switch from a cool 4/4 to a pent up 3/4 towards the end of it’s chorus. Continue reading

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Chords: Brian Ray – This Way Up

As the title track from Brian Ray’s second solo album, This Way Up is a solid electric rocker that centers on three grungily thrashing and starkly spiky chords (D A E). Continue reading

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Chords: The Bayonets – Smartphone

A little more musically complex than their first song, The Bayonet’s Smartphone centers around a one note riff played on the low E string throughout the verses. And just so you know you’re going to have to tune your whole guitar down a semitone in order to rock out with this one! Continue reading

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Chords: The Bayonets – Sucker For Love

This very simple song consists primarily of 4 chords (Dm, F, C and G) right from the intro, through the verses, choruses and solos, relenting only for the syncopated bridge. The reggae like bridges see a change in the chords, which are played on the 2nd and 4th beats right up until the chorus. Continue reading

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