The Bayonets’ “Whatcha Got” earmarked as ‘Coolest Song In The World’

Brian Ray, lead singer of The Bayonets, has said that he “couldn’t be more pleased” at the news that their upcoming single Whatcha Got has already been earmarked as August’s ‘Coolest Song In The World’ on Steven Van Zandts Underground Garage Radio show on SiriusXM.

Despite Whatcha Got not receiving it’s premier airing on August 9th on the Underground Garage radio show, it has already joined the ranks of Bayonets songs to have massive success. Their first single Sucker For Love was heavily promoted by ‘Little Stevie’, as was the followup single Smartphone.

The third single, Vagabond Soul featuring Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler, also did monumentally well, despite never being release to radio and only being put out as a massive ‘thank you’ to the many devoted Bayonets fans.

Whatcha Got will be played on maximum rotation for 8 weeks from August 12th, so there is plenty of time to hear some of the freshest, most upbeat and rocking music from the indie band being pumped out over the internet airwaves!

Speaking about the surprise announcement that the new single would be named Augusts ‘Coolest Song In The World’ and receive a good amount of airplay from the radio station, Brian said: “We’re surprised because the song is a little “out there” for the Underground Garage but Little Steven explained, “I’ve got a bit of room to play what I like”, or something to that effect!”

The upcoming sassy single features both Brian and Lucrecia Lopez Sanz sharing lead vocals, and was performed at several gigs on The Bayonets’ mini tour of Argentina, as well as being performed on the Duro de Domar TV show. Stay tuned for a full review of the new single in the coming weeks…!

ALSO to thank the fans that have purchased any of the bundles offered for all 4 songs, they will receive their fifth (and last…for now) single for free, the title of which will be revealed in an upcoming Bayonets newsletter, so be sure to go to their website and sign up to receive the spam free updates!

It will be available as an MP3 download to buy from, and iTunes from August 22nd. You can pick up the first three singles and a whole range of exclusive, high quality merchandise from their website too!

Also be sure to visit The Bayonets’ Wikipedia page to find out more about the and and their music.

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