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The Bayonets’ upcoming album recording roundup! (with photo gallery)

The Bayonets' upcoming album recording roundup! (with photo gallery)With their album set for release sometime in the next few months, The Bayonets have wrapped up the bulk of recording and are getting down to the nitty gritty of refining the highly anticipated final product.

Drummer Oliver Leiber and lead singer/guitarist Brian Ray have been joined in the studio by a rotating cast of other like minded musical monsters, including Black Crowes keyboardist Adam MacDougall and master mixer/engineer Marc DeSisto.

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The Bayonets aim to achieve ‘Coolest Song In The World 2013’ title

Out of all 48 songs labelled the ‘Coolest Song In The World’ on Little Stevens Underground Garage radio show throughout the year, three of the five Bayonets singles were bestowed with the prestigious title. Now it is your chance to vote for your favorite of the many singles to be crowned ‘Coolest Song In The World 2013’. Continue reading

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Back in the studio: The Bayonets get back to work!

Nearly three months after releasing their ‘final’ set of singles, the fiery Whatcha Got and the moody Big Man Down, The Bayonets have at long last headed back to the studio to begin work on what will become their first full album. Continue reading

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The Bayonets set their sights on the Grammys PLUS album news

Indie rock band The Bayonets have received the massively surprizing (yet more than welcome) news that their first single Sucker For Love is being considered for nomination for the 56th Annual Grammys to win not one but two of the prestigious music awards. Continue reading

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Single review: The Bayonets – Big Man Down

The Bayonets’ swansong comes in the form of the relatively downbeat Big Man Down. Sounding like something from a Spaghetti Western (with a 1920’s flapper/New Orleans-esque twist from the woodwind/horn section) this is the final tip of the brim of their hat before riding off towards the dusty horizon. Continue reading

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Single review: The Bayonets – Whatcha Got

As the fourth in the string of five singles, The Bayonets’ Whatcha Got is a boastfully explosive, gritty and driven rocker, with both Brian Ray and Lucrecia Lopez Sanz jousting with their sizzling vocals as Oliver Leiber holds down the fort on drums. Continue reading

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The Bayonets’ “Whatcha Got” earmarked as ‘Coolest Song In The World’

Brian Ray, lead singer of The Bayonets, has said that he “couldn’t be more pleased” at the news that their upcoming single Whatcha Got has already been earmarked as August’s ‘Coolest Song In The World’ on Steven Van Zandts Underground Garage Radio show on SiriusXM.

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The Bayonets’ “Smartphone” breaks into the Classic Rock Top Ten

Indie band The Bayonets’ second single Smartphone has finally broken into the Top Ten of the Classic Rock radio charts…nearly two months after it’s May release. Continue reading

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Chords: The Bayonets feat Steven Tyler – Vagabond Soul

Quite a straightforward rocked up soul ballad, The Bayonet’s Vagabond Soul boasts a backing/harmony vocal from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. Musically it features some sweet chord changes as well as a switch from a cool 4/4 to a pent up 3/4 towards the end of it’s chorus. Continue reading

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Single review: The Bayonets feat. Steven Tyler – Vagabond Soul

Featuring a screaming backing vocal from Areosmith legend Steven Tyler, The Bayonets’ third single Vagabond Soul is a combination of all of lead singer Brian Ray’s musical roots, mixing early Jimi Hendrix with a little Otis Redding and some mid-seventies Stones. Continue reading

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